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   An online story by Tirdun
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Welcome to Tivar, a graphical tale presented online.

I am exploring storytelling using traditional text plus the features of the world wide web. Colors, images, hypertexts and scripting are used to enhance the telling.

Tivar itself is a city around which much of the story happens. The story focuses on Greywatch 18, a band of soldiers who never wanted to be soldiers, comprised of people who often don't much like each other fighting in a conflict they know little about and have little chance of winning.

For now, you should expect nothing in the way of regular updates.

Also, consider this a "pre-release" of the story. Changes will occur to existing issues and once I move this to "prime time" (whatever that might be) I will likely restart at issue 1, taking down the rest for a possible timed release... or not.