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For some reason, I spend a lot of time doing stuff for other comics. It serves as a nice break, plus I like to try new things from time to time.

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JoBeth (go)
All the Jobeth pics were drawn by BJ and/or Joey, I just colored them.

Animated JoBeth




"Taco Bell"

BoxJam's Doodle (go)
BoxJam has actually appeared IN Faraway Stars on 2 occations:
I mention BoxJam as a proposal for the ship's name on 16-NOV-2000
and Kendra is reading BoxJam's Doodle (look on the computer screen) on 28-NOV-2000

Boxjam contemplating his final rest.

Animated Boxjam Magic 8 ball.

Boxjam sings the blues (of course).

Part of a series of jokes about Boxjam selling out.
These were done for the "BoxJam Spinoff" Thread, which started as a bunch of BoxJam readers doing silly BoxJam ripoffs. It got out of hand and then Brad Guigar did a killer Scooby Doo/BoxJam thing that shamed us all into stopping. He's such a bastard. He did start the whole "Lee's a girl" thing, though, so I guess I can't hate him too much.

BoomBoxJam's Doodle. My #2 favorite.

Box Comedy Jam #3 fav.

Boxjam's Cuticle #12 (ugh)

BoxJam's HotRoddle #5

BoxJam's Noodle (my first) #8

BoxJam's Ogle #9

BoxScam's Doodle #4

BoxSlam's Doodle #10

BoxSpam's Doodle #11

MalletHead's Doodle #1

Mrs. BoxJam's Doodle #6
BoxSlammer's Doodle #7

Chopping Block (go)

Ok, technically a BoxJam AND Chopping block one, but its done in Chopping Block style. I really like it, I just don't know why I came up with it...

Done for Lee just 'cuz.

Another one, this time with Lee and Butch transposed. Don't get too excited if you think the head looks almost realistic, it was taken from a real photo of Lee.

I can't stop doing Chopping Blocks! This is actually the only one that I've done that has disturbed me. I think I should have had the woman off-panel or something. Ah, well. It's not like I'm getting paid for this.

Lady Faith challenged my supremacy as a stalker of Lee Herold, so I posted yet another bit 'o fanart to top her. This prompted Lee's fan pic for Faraway Stars, which showed me but good. This should be the last of my Chopping Block series for a while.

A Chopping Block poem written by Adam Burke of Diabolica that I lettered.

Together We Fall (go)

This was one done for Together We Fall because Azrael (the author) wasn't posting stuff (and actually thinking about nixing the comic) due to his real life. Damn real life. Anyhow, I wrote this one to say "HEY, Bucko, RL might suck, but you can't cut me off after you've gotten me hooked, dammit. Don't peddle your crack if you can't meet demand! I NEED A HIT, MAN!" Or something along those lines.

Well, two months after the last TWF, I decided to do one more and call it quits. It's too bad, 'cuz I liked the strip.

(CDAO) Kan Kong (go)

This one actually became an official Kan Kong strip on January 3 2001! I don't know what that says to YOU, but to me it screams "Artist is being lazy and using fanart for filler"!

Toonbots (go)

Communism Saga 1
Lenin and Al

Communism Saga 2
Al explains Capitalism

Communism Saga 3
Enter Karl Marx

Communism Saga 4
Pickle Crisp!

Communism Saga 5
Captialist Pig

Communism Saga 6
The Window

Communism Saga 7
It's not Defenestration Day.

Communism Saga 8
Wherefore art thou Lenin?

Communism Saga 9
The Chase.

Communism Saga 10
Hide and go Bot.

Communism Saga 11
What about the shareholders?

Communism Saga 12
Defenstration (part 1 of 2)

Communism Saga 13
Unnecessary Suspense (or: What about Dubya?)

Communism Saga 14
Defenstration (part 2 of 2)

Communism Saga 15
Holy Joe!

Communism Saga 16

Communism Saga 17
The Apology

Communism Saga 18
Moon indeed!

Communism Saga 19
The moral of the story is...

Communism Saga 20
End Credits

A sugguestion for the ToonBots fan t-shirt. If you don't read ToonBots, you just won't get it.

Kaon Fanart 1
Einstein explains

Kaon Fanart 2
Al asks Dubya

1/0 (go)

Junior, who seems a bit TOO happy.

Misc - Other Stuff

A logo I built for Gear which they used for a while.

A logo I built for the Keenadian Invaders, a few used this one until they decided on another one as standard.

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